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29 January 2014 @ 03:44 pm
I killed one of my wee baby limes yesterday.

I had picked up a lime tree at Molbak's Nursery two and a half years ago. I thought it would be fun to grow and that eventually I would have limes for margaritas. I had not accounted for the life cycle of a fruiting tree. I carefully watered and nourished my little tree until it became a sprawling healthy mess, with the longest branch about four feet long. About six months ago it surprised me by flowering, so I looked up how much longer it would be until I had limes. It appears that generally it's a year or two between flowering and actually fruiting. I was thus further surprised to find ACTUAL LIMES on my lime tree three months later. Since I had learned that limes typically need a fair amount of time to ripen, I left it alone until this past Monday. I sadly and reluctantly pulled off one of my three limes (a fourth junior baby lime fell to the floor and is surrounded by mourning Castle Crashers figures) and brought it to work to make margaritas for my teammates.

I've never really grown anything meaningful(tm) before. I've never had the joy of being a parent and watching my child enter the world, and never grown much beyond minor salad ingredients. I carefully and reluctantly pulled that lime off the tree and gave the tree a kiss, thanking it for its work and dedication.

It turned out to be a particularly delicious lime. I put the remnants in the compost and am glad it gets to return to the earth. As much as I don't want to die, not right now, I hope that when I do die I also am returned to the earth so that others can benefit from what's left of me.
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