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23 April 2014 @ 02:22 pm
Last night I dreamt that I could levitate just by relaxing enough. And of course I "woke up" from my heavy dream into a lighter dream where that was still the case.
I swam through the air to get the mail and the neighbor kids were bothered by this and told me to stop it. Greg was busy in the kitchen doing things and didn't understand why I would be confused by any of this. I kept asking her if this was normal because it seemed like a huge change in the world.

Then I really woke up and had to puzzle out reality again.

The only downside to having fully immersive dreams is that I wake up baffled by which version of reality is which. I worry that someday I'll lose track. On the plus side, I'll be enjoying a pretty fantastic alternate reality if that break every occurs.
Current Music: HAL 5600 - Old Cave