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11 June 2014 @ 11:49 pm
Source material  
Finally read "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick. When I realized a while back that it was dedicated to Tim Powers (one of my favorite authors), I had put it on my Must Read list. Having read a lot of 60's era science fiction, it's hard to fault it for its many shortcomings. It compared favorably with a Bradbury story, for example, but unfavorably to an Asimov story.

The part that stuns me though is that ... Blade Runner came from this. I haven't dared to watch Blade Runner again since reading it (so many scenes already play out differently/oddly now in my mind), but will have to at some point out of sheer dumb human curiosity. I can't imagine how you go from that novel to Blade Runner. My mind is blown.

I've been running on fumes for a bit now. Every week for the past ten weeks I've started at work planning on working at Task X, but by the end of the week my trajectory is changed and I'm working on some new Task Y. As someone who historically takes a little while to ramp up, it's been excruciating. I'm hoping that I've finally "locked" myself into the right project, but it doesn't help that I'm working with someone who either has a crush on me and wants to come to him every day as he dribbles out answers to my questions... or is just really really really really bad about onboarding other people to his project. Probably the latter. I feel like a rat in a giant maze: I keep finding the next turn by myself, then having to turn back to Mr X for guidance on how/what exactly he wants me to accomplish at this new crossing. At the last cross-team meeting pretty much every person in the room at some point said they needed Mr X's help/advice/guidance, so I can understand his ... limitations, lack of clarity, or whatever it is given that he's a busy excellent developer. It's simply a marked contrast from working with Raymond wherein any conversation leaves you walking away with more knowledge than you could possibly have wanted in the first place. Mr X would make a terrible lead, while Raymond would hate it but would probably be a superb lead.

If I liked the company less I'd probably run away screaming at this point, but at the same time I actually really love what I'm working on. I'm just being put in a position to fail, and it's really frustrating because I should be having the time of my life. What I'm working on is super fun for me (I'm a nut that way), but --- I want to do it well and be part of the team and the plan as opposed to having tiny pieces of the plan extruded to me on a weekly basis, leaving me grasping at straws regularly as regards net intentions. Sigh.

I shall take some time this weekend to watch Blade Runner on my big screen and be that much more satisfied about the excellent world that we live in.
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