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04 April 2016 @ 05:40 pm
the sound of wasted time  
My high school friend was performing at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard, so I made plans to head over there and clicked the whole Facebook "I iz goinz!" button. A couple days later I noted that a long crush of mine (aka Beatrice, as I found she inspired me to be a better person) was also going. I'd thought she was in San Francisco, so was unsettled and taken aback. I decided to still go. It was a great concert - Shannon always has been a great singer - and I made it most of the way through the concert without running into Beatrice. Finally did at the end of the show.

Good god, man. There's a scene in Savage Steve Holland's terrible classic, "How I Got Into College," wherein Oliver says to our hero Marlon, "You can't base the most important decision of your on Jessica Kailo finally giving you the time of day!"

I felt like that. She stopped by and said hi and hugged me whilst I was chatting with Rebecca and otherwise stuck around while Rebecca and I caught up but otherwise... we just didn't talk. It's to me such a waste: I feel like we're both interesting people and I think with better communication we'd have had a lot to learn from and grown from each other. Oh well. At the least it was an excellent coda. It's weird: she expressed interest in dating me, and yet we just never could communicate very well. I wish I'd known what the disconnect was there, but at the least it was an interesting closing to a long sidestory.