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02 June 2009 @ 11:11 am
work of late  
For our trip to San Francisco, I dug up my California travel books collection. Among the books, I had an old California Thomas Guide and a "California for Dummies" - the two opposite ends of the travel spectrum, as it were. I kept and used the other two, but gave away the other two books at work on the "free books" table. I passed by half an hour later and laughed my butt off as I saw that the Dummies guide was already taken but the Thomas Guide was still there. It lingered most of the day and I cackled to myself each time.

I sent out an email asking for a code review at work, and I got the comment "Looks absolutely fabulous of course" back from a reviewing senior developer who I've never met nor heard of before. I have no idea who he is, but it was really pleasing to think that I have a positive reputation around such a wide team. And then, after I did a bunch of quick turnaround work on an important matter for management, I was walking by one of that team as they were in a hallway meeting talking with a bunch of other people, and I got a "hi Zach!" call-out as I was walking by and was tickled.

Of course I probably will f-ck up shortly and ruin the positive streak, but it's cool to have the delusion that people respect my skills.