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17 June 2013 @ 02:44 pm
you're going to be late to school  
I was sitting at our Father's Day dinner with my family talking with my brother. All of a sudden I started having trouble doing much besides thinking obsessively hard about architecture. My wee nephew came over to jabber excitedly at me, so I gratefully took the opportunity to get out of my seat and follow him towards the couch where he was playing. I got to my knees desperately trying to keep track of what he was talking about, what was going on, leaning into the couch for balance, and not understanding why my brain was short-circuiting.

Then I woke up flat on my back on the floor.

Evidently I had passed out, knocking down the lamp on my way to the floor.

Back when I had an iron deficiency and fainted several times, it took me a couple faintings to realize that I could reliably be forewarned about incoming problems through a static-y fuzz that would start creeping in around the edge of my vision. I learned that through focusing on and staring down my hand I could fight this wave off and be OK.
This was different: I've had times before in bed where I might start to obsessively think about something or recollect some past event in extremely vivid clarity. Clearly something was wrong, but it was also an extremely interesting phenomenon and so I let my mind chase it. My mind was clearly tripping out, but I was in bed and thus safe so went with it to see what was happening and try to figure out why my brain might be getting delirious. When I started getting vertiginous I'd stop and go to sleep. Father's Day was the first day this kind of weirdness had happened in daily ordinary life: I hadn't associated it with fainting before, but that makes sense.

This morning I was driving to the company store and had a moment of panic wherein I couldn't figure out which side of the road I should be driving on. I'm not sure what was going on there and quickly managed to reassert reality... but still: odd.

So that's something to look out for now. I figure I'm probably physically OK, but I'll get myself checked out just in case.

Current Mood: glad to be alive
slightly radiant: our little family: 2012alibee on June 17th, 2013 11:21 pm (UTC)
Dude, that's totally not okay :/